What We’re Raising Money For

This 2020/21 year your donations are going toward:

$100 per Division for consumable supplies.

The normal $10 per child the PAC gives each year toward field trips has been cancelled, along with the field trips and instead of, and in addition to:

This year we’ve been lucky enough for the teachers to have gotten together to work out what their wish list to best support the students and our new classrooms (the school grows each year!) during this and for future years. Here’s what they’ve come up with:


  • Projectors for three Kindergarten classrooms ($1500 X 3 plus installation costs = ~$6,000)
  • Micro:Bits ($300)

Social Emotional Learning / Classroom:

  • Time Timers (18 X $50 = $900)
  • Ear Muffs (18 X $35 = $630)
  • We Thinkers Kits ($400)


  • Make:Do Kits (3 X $200= $600)

PE Equipment:

  • Indoor Soccer Balls (10 X $25= $250)
  • Gator Balls (12)  ($90 X 2 = $180)
  • Volleyballs (15) ($10 X 15 = $150)
  • Medium cones ($100)
  • More Pinnies with our Indigenous Name on them.

Prices are for reference only and are not exact and don’t include tax.

The PAC would like to purchase everything on this list this year, so you can rest assured your donations are going to better your students education and experience as always.

You can donate here: https://vsb.schoolcashonline.com/Fee/Details/1869/196/false/true?fundDestination=E-Crosstown%20Elementary%20PAC

Let us know what you’d like to raise money for!